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    • I’m with you – I don’t like reading on-line publications at all. I want to sit where it is comfortable with my coffee and my magazine in hand.

      • The Harrowsmith Team says:

        And, if you are a Toronto Star reader, you may have noticed they are now promoting Headline Coffee. You must subscribe online at but, in turn, you can receive your paper AND coffee at your doorstep. Great promotion–every month you receive a 340g bag of Fairtrade coffee for $20 including shipping and handling. A win-win!

    • The Harrowsmith Team says:

      I’m a print-lover too, Don. There’s a certain reward in folding up the Saturday paper, fingertips inky from the newsprint, coffee mug empty, head full of stories. And, coffee tables were made for stacks of magazines, right?

  1. When you get back to printing ALL the editions I would then consider subscribing again. Printed copies go anywhere, required no charging and way faster to access.
    Until then it is poor value.

    • The Harrowsmith Team says:

      Hi Jim. We’re champions of print issues too–at the moment, it’s the mailing costs that are posing the biggest obstacle to making that happen. Digital at least allows us to continue communication between our print issues in the spring and fall. Many magazines are facing this same battle and still need the support of readers to continue the greater vision. We hope you’ll reconsider.

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