“I congratulate Harrowsmith on the launch of its truly Canadian Almanac. This iconic magazine has a long tradition of teaching Canadians the value of strong rural communities and the Almanac is a good place to start for that.

“Green” sensibility Canadians literally are the fruits of our agricultural sector and without farmers learning to nurture our Earth in a sustainable manner, we will surely face a desolate future.”

-David Suzuki

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“As an avid reader of Almanacs, I would like to thank Harrowsmith for providing all Canadians with this great opportunity to have our very own Truly Canadian Almanac, and I congratulate them also for having done such an excellent job of it. It’s been a long time coming, but great treasures are worth waiting for. Canada, know thyself.”

– Stompin’ Tom Connors

“In our crazy, digital world, a sense of place is elusive. Harrowsmith’s Almanac celebrates place-making through the joy of planting, growing and harvesting from the earth”

– Robert Bateman: Naturalist, Wildlife Painter

“An almanac is an invaluable tool for the home grower….congratulations for producing this excellent resource.”

– Randy Bachman: Founding member of The Guess Who & Bachman Turner Overdrive

“Thank you to Harrowsmith’s Truly Canadian Almanac for producing such a wonderful publication and helping to educate Canadians about the importance of loving and respecting our precious soil, water and seeds.”

– Rachel Parent, Kids’ Right to Know

Harrowsmith is all about family tradition.   I remember growing up with Harrowsmith in our home.  My folks read it regularly and it has stayed a family tradition with me to this day.   It’s a Canadian thing!  Like polar bears, beer & grilling in the snow!   I like it!  Pick up a copy and have a read and bring back some family memories and traditions as well as starting new ones.

– Ted Reader, Chef

I have such respect for all of the work done to create Harrowsmith and its annual Almanac. In this day and age of trying to “connect” through social media, we need to remind ourselves that our original connection is with the earth. Harrowsmith gives us a conduit to make that connection, and a cookie-cutter publication just wouldn’t cut it (and I know my cookie cutters!)

We have the privilege of living in a country with such diversity in physical landscape, weather and growing conditions and we can appreciate that these physical differences are in fact what brings us together. As a cook who embraces each season’s bounty, this means a great deal to me. I may not be a grower, but it is for that very reason I have such respect for those who grow our food so that I may cook “Canadian”, and authenticate a culinary philosophy of “what grows together, goes together.

– Anna Olson, Chef