The Harrowsmith “Wet Wild and Canadian Garden" at Canada Blooms last year reflected the Harrowsmith ethos, meaning it wasn't your predictable landscape.

Harrowsmith is a proud sponsor of the annual Canada Blooms garden design show in Toronto, and this past year, our corner of the nation’s biggest garden show really stood out. Among the typical geometric, perfectly aligned assortment of exotic blossoms, Harrowsmith’s Almanac’s 2,400-square-foot “ Wet-and-wild and Canadian Garden” greeted visitors with what we think of as a truly Canadian garden.

Constructed by Joe Genovese of Genoscape Landscaping and Design, the garden – perhaps more accurately described as a wetland – exclusively featured plants and landscape characteristics native to Ontario. With its rugged rocks, home-grown plants and natural mulches, the garden simultaneously emphasized environmentally friendly landscaping and the theme of the 2014 edition of Canada Blooms: ‘Wild!’

“It represents an untouched area left to go wild,” said Genovese, whose company specializes in water features and has worked on the habitat re-creation for the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago. In line with Genovese’s passion for water design, our Wet-and-wild Canadian Garden featured 3 waterfalls surrounding a big pond measuring 40 by 25 feet.

The garden was, in fact, a sustainable ecosystem, a real wetland and not just an artificial pool. It was Genovese’s idea to incorporate native plants and tress that would attract birds, butterflies and bees to the garden that won over the Harrowsmith team. “It’s a way of doing things that’s very much in keeping with the Harrowsmith philosophy,” said Harrowsmith’s publisher Yolanda Thornton, “and it’s important, because rapid development threatens Canada’s natural habitats.”

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